Complications of Diabetes

Heart Disease

Heart disease is the most common life-threatening disease linked to diabetes, and experts say diabetes doubles a person’s risk of developing heart disease. In heart disease, deposits of fat and cholesterol build-up in the arteries that supply the heart with blood. If this buildup blocks blood from getting to the heart, a potentially fatal heart attack can occur. Diabetic Meal Programs is a cost effective way to introduce a nutrition program with flexibility and convenience. We believe that Diabetic Meals are the Perfect Choice! The perfect choice for learning how to eat right; the perfect choice if you suffer from heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol; and the Perfect Choice to help control your weight.

Kidney Disease

People with diabetes are also more likely to develop kidney disease than other people. The kidneys filter waste products from the blood and excrete them in the form of urine, maintainingdoctor proper fluid balance in the body. While people can live without one kidney, those without both must have special treatment, called dialysis. Most people with diabetes will never develop kidney disease, but proper diabetes treatment can further reduce the risk.

Here at Diabetic Meal Programs, our commitment to quality helps us provide nutrition in every diabetic meal we serve. Our meals for diabetics are nutritious, delicious and ready when you are. All of our diabetic meals are planned by our culinary team and certified by our Registered Dietitian to meet or exceed the daily reference intake’s nutritional requirements.

Eye Problems

Diabetes can affect the eyes in several ways. Frequently, the effects are temporary and can be corrected with better diabetes control. However, long-term diabetes can cause changes in the eyes that threaten vision. Stable blood glucose levels and yearly eye examinations can help reduce the risk of serious eye damage.

Blurred vision is one effect diabetes can have on the eyes. The reason may be that changing levels of glucose in blood also can affect the balance of fluid in the lens of the eye, which works like a flexible camera lens to focus images. If the lens absorbs more water than normal and swells, its focusing power changes. Diabetes also may affect the function of nerves that control eyesight, causing blurred vision.

Nerve Damage

Chronic high blood sugar levels cause damage to nerve tissue making it difficult for vital messages to be sent to the brain and other parts of the body–neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy can cause you to lose feeling or have a painful tingling sensation in your feet and legs, and cause loss of function in your stomach, intestines, bladder, joints, heart and muscles. Foot sores that become infected and in serious cases lead to amputation of the foot are not an uncommon problem with diabetics. People with diabetes should check their feet daily for cuts and bruises.

Leg and Foot Problems

Leg and foot problems can arise in people with diabetes due to changes in blood vessels and nerves in these areas. Peripheral vascular disease is a condition in which blood vessels become narrowed by fatty deposits, reducing blood supply to the legs and feet. Diabetes also can dull the sensitivity of nerves.

Proper foot care and regular visits to a doctor can prevent foot and leg sores and ensure that any that do appear don’t become infected and painful. Helpful measures include inspecting the feet daily for cuts or sore spots.


Someone whose blood glucose has become too low may feel nervous, shaky, and weak. The person may sweat, feel hungry, and have a headache. Severe hypoglycemia can cause loss of consciousness. A person with hypoglycemia who begins to feel weak and shaky should eat or drink something with sugar in it immediately, like orange juice. If the person is unconscious, he or she should be taken to a hospital emergency room right away. An identification bracelet or necklace that states that the wearer has diabetes will let friends know that these symptoms are a warning of illness that requires urgent medical help.

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