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In the United States, 8.3% of the population has diabetes but another 7 million are undiagnosed and about 79 million have pre-diabetes. The greatest prevalence for the disease is among those who are 65 and older. About 27% of seniors have diabetes and another third have pre-diabetes. Managing the disease of diabetes can be very challenging. One way people are making it easier is with diabetic home meals delivered to their front doors.

With so many people in the communities having this debilitating disease, many are looking for ways to make dealing with it much easier. Businesses are capitalizing on the need with items like pain-free glucose meters, sugar-free items, and specialized clothing like diabetic socks. Another area where there is a great need is with nutrition.

Diabetes, when it is of the more common Type II variety, is a disease of poor nutrition. Some of the ways that having diabetic home meals delivered can help are:

1. Typically, services that offer meal delivery programs have a counselor that can assist you with creating your meal plan based on your specific medical requirements. This is good because not everyone can always fit into a cookie cutter type of meal plan. With dietary support, you can feel more comfortable that you are getting exactly what you need for your body.

2. Most diabetic meal plans focus on getting you better. This can occur through reducing calorie intake and resulting weight loss, stabilizing your blood sugar, lowering sodium content to reduce blood pressure, providing crucial vitamins and minerals for energy, and reducing cholesterol.  If you have other health concerns, your dietary counselor can help to make sure your diet is meeting your needs.

3. Tasty foods prepared by quality chefs. Do you know the difference between turmeric and curry? Have you ever over-seasoned a pot roast? Learning to cook with less salt can be tricky when it comes to preparing your favorite meals. Let a skilled chef trained in the art of fine dining create meals that satisfy all of your taste buds.

4. Online ordering can make things really easy when it comes to selecting the meals you want to try. Having great photos of the foods with the listed ingredients and nutritional information is important to be able to make a good selection.

5. Meal programs help to keep things simple. Many people work outside the home, have families, and sometimes even take care of their own parents with illnesses. With our busy lives, we need meals that are convenient and hassle-free. Online ordering, microwave capability, and no mess clean-up are all things that make home meal deliveries easy to work into your routine.

Having diabetes does not have to result in hours upon hours of nutrition label reading, ingredient gathering, and meal planning to make sure you are staying within required limits. Instead, having diabetic home meals delivered makes sense to reduce the worry that comes with a special diet.

Order what you want, enjoy your meals, and go about your life. If you are taking care of someone with diabetes, this is one way you can make sure they stay happy and healthy with sound nutrition.