Meals on Wheels Alternative

A wide selection of frozen meals, delivered to your door.

Meals on Wheels originated in Great Britain during the Blitz, when many people lost their homes and therefore the ability to cook their own food. The Women’s Volunteer Service, WVS, for Civil Defense (later WRVS) provided food for these people. The name “Meals on Wheels” derived from the Women’s Volunteer Service for Civil Defense’s related activity of bringing meals to servicemen. The concept of delivering meals to those unable to prepare their own evolved into the modern programs that deliver mostly to the homebound elderly for free.

The Diabetic Meal Programs Senior Meal Solution
Many seniors and caregivers are concerned about senior nutrition. Young or old, it pays to eat well and under stand some nutrition basics. For starters, since food intake usually declines with age, it may be increasingly important for older people to make sure that what they do eat is nutritious.

That’s where Diabetic Meal Programs comes in! This Meals on Wheels Alternative provides healthy delicious meals delivered.

Diabetic Meals are:

A wheels on meals alternative with flexible, reasonable meal plans